Ent News: “God Punish All Kano Entertainers, Music Producers and Video directors” says the Kano Hip Hop Artiste – B R

Ent News: "God Punish All Kano Entertainers, Music Producers and Video directors" says the Kano Hip Hop Artiste. B R

B R on Wednesday morning took out to his Facebook official Account and tears all Kano OAPs, PRODUCERS AND VIDEOS DIRECTORS.

According to the Rapper, he started that the OAPs are always selective with their choice of top rated artistes, that they only rate and lists that have close relationship with. He also stated that the producers in Kano always find it hard to Produce good work for an artiste that is not among the Elites ( Big names).

The Rapper further added that whenever an artiste delays payment for a video project, they automatically risk losingthe whole video…

See what he wrote on his timeline

“To all the Kano entertainers, Producers, OAPs and Video directors….. God punish wuna. So if you no get anybody wey you sabi for radio stations, your song no go top chat, if you no be one big name producers no go take time give you better job and if you mistakenly delay payment for video base on one or two things like that, director go tell you say the video don get head him no fet find am again? Fuck all of wuna…. Nonsense hypocrites. Many upcoming artists they this kano so but wuna no wan give em change make em shine too wuna wan dey they every show, every weekly chats and. Thats why if the real ones commot leave kano, people go dey wonder weyda em comot from north cuz their content extra ordinary. Wuna don spoil entertainment for Kano completely…. Make wuna change that evil act cuz that shit ain’t taking you guys no where 😡.”


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