DK Balafu Boda Video mp4 download
DK Balafu Boda Video mp4 download

DK Balafu Boda Video mp4 download – When perseverance met persistence, a sheer hard working hustler rose from Congo’s Uvira war zone to continuously show the universe that impossibility can as well remain to be a myth for a very long time. Hip-hop head Iddi Asumani famously Dk Balafu had to cross borders in order to get to school in countries such as Tanzania, Burundi to take over a decade in Malawi for his high school days.

Despite the fact that he was miles away from home living in another country as a refugee he still held on to his dream of being the best rapper across the globe.

“Life in the refugee camp was difficult with different problems not limited to sickness and malnutrition but that made me more focused and goal oriented because all I wanted was to save my situation at that time, only music could help me save the situation so there was loosening the rope,” says Dk Balafu. He continues to narrate, “On the 27th day of May, 2015 I got the chance to board a plane to Finland and I have never looked back even for a second because it is all I ever wanted, to save my situation.”

Hot on the heels of her very-well-received latest single Mambo Vipi, Finlad based rapper Dk Balafu has followed it up with another huge single — Boda — again produced by hip hop dude of the moment, M-Double. With dark edgy production from M-Double, Balafu is free to work some serious flow with his silky smooth delivery, and announces himself as a major player on Finland’s incredibly exciting emerging hip hop scene.

Boda’ is a bouncy hip-hop track done in Swahili giving it a Tanzanian feel as always been with all his previous tracks.

Watch the video below:


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