Davido reveals presidential candidate he supported during the election

Davido reveals presidential candidate he supported during the election – Nigerian music sensation Adeleke David, better known as Davido, has finally revealed his political preferences. The artist’s silence during the recent Nigerian presidential election raised questions among his fans and media outlets.

Davido, usually vocal on political issues, had not shared his views on the election, leaving his followers guessing. However, in a recent Channel4news interview, he disclosed that he supports himself as a leader.

The artist acknowledged that the elections had been challenging for Nigerians and expressed happiness at the reception of his latest album, “ Timeless .”

When asked about other artists who had
spoken out during the election, Davido refused to criticize them for their silence. He noted that everyone has different views, and some may not feel equipped to handle political activism.

The artist’s revelation shows that many
Nigerian celebrities are actively interested in politics, with fans and commentators urging them to use their influence to drive change.

Despite some hesitance from some quarters, Davido’s statement demonstrates that he is willing to engage in political discourse and even suggests that he has aspirations beyond his music career.


“The elections were tough. It was a tough period for Nigerians. I’m happy that I drooped the album and it was accepted. I know people are still going through a lot in the country and every body knows that even in the past I have been vocal about politics.” he said.



Speaking about other artists who were vocal about the election, he said:

”I don’t blame. Some people have families, and children. Do you understand? Some people are built for it, some people are not and I can’t blame anybody. I’m sure every body has their views personally, you know? And if you dint want to talk about it, it’s obvious where you stand.”

Speaking of the leader he is supporting, he said: ”Myself, I’m a leader myself”


Watch the video below:



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