BUK School Fees 2023/2024: How Much Does It Cost To Study At Bayero University Kano?

Bayero University Kano (BUK), situated in the vibrant city of Kano, stands as one of Nigeria’s most esteemed institutions. Renowned for its diverse academic offerings, BUK provides a platform for students to pursue a wide array of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As we embark on the 2023/2024 academic session, it’s essential to familiarize ourselves with the school fees structure for both freshers and returning students.

School Fees for Freshers:

For the incoming class of 2023/2024, BUK has outlined the following school fees for freshers based on the respective academic disciplines:

  • Arts and Social Sciences: N120,000
  • Sciences: N130,000
  • Engineering: N140,000
  • Medicine and Surgery: N150,000

School Fees for Returning Students:

Returning students at BUK will be subject to the following fees for the 2023/2024 academic session, categorized by their fields of study:

  • Arts and Social Sciences: N100,000
  • Sciences: N110,000
  • Engineering: N120,000
  • Medicine and Surgery: N130,000

Additional Fees:

In addition to the tuition fees, BUK students are required to fulfill other financial obligations, including:

  • Examination fee: N5,000
  • Library fee: N2,000
  • Sports fee: N1,000
  • ID card fee: N1,000
  • Hostel accommodation fee: Varies depending on the hostel

Payment Methods:

Students have the convenience of paying their fees through two primary methods:

  1. Online Payment: Students can make their payments through the BUK website by creating an account and following the provided instructions.
  2. Cashier’s Office: For those opting to pay at the cashier’s office, students must present their admission letter along with a cashier’s order form.


As we anticipate the commencement of the 2023/2024 academic session, understanding the school fees structure at BUK is paramount for both freshers and returning students. By familiarizing ourselves with these details, we can ensure a smooth transition into the academic year, allowing students to focus on their studies and overall university experience.

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