How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

After making the free blog on every one’s minds has a question of How to Make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements? Here I will teach you How to Make Money Blogging 2020-2021 After blogger Adsense Approval ?

This article is based only on Google AdSense approval steps on blogger and requirements in 2020-2021.

First, let us talk about the requirements that should you follow for blogger Adsense approval.

Blogger Google Adsense Approval Requirements 2020-2021 ?

To enable the feature of sign up for Google Adsense in Blogger you need to eligible for Adsense approval. When you come in your Blogger’s dashboard, where you see the Earnings tab.

After creating newly blog in blogger you see that your blog does not qualify for Google Adsense.

But if you follow some steps then you can definitely qualify for Google Adsense for your blogger and earn money from it.

How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

Points to be remembered how to Make
Money from Blogging and eligibility in
Adsense policy.

  • 1 Your age in your email account {Must Be 18years Old}.
  • 2 Buy a Custom Domain for your blog.
  • 3 Customization of themes or the templates you used on blogger {Must Be Responsive}.
  • 4 Proper navigation on your blog.
  • 5 Compulsory pages {Contact Us, About Us, Advertise & E.t.c}.
  • 6 Quality of Content (The Most important) {Your Writing Must Be 300 and above Words}.
  • 7 Numbers of posts {Posts Must Be 25 and above}.
  • 8 Copyrighted content.
  • 9 Adsense alternative use.
  • 10 Managed some settings with services.
  • Okay, let us talk about these factors in
    detailed information and keep in mind before apply or getting the Sign-Up button on the blogger.

    How to Make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Adsense Requirements ?

    1 Age for Adsense approval on Blogger
    How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

    Your age in your email account at which you create a blog is must be 18 or 18+ years old. If you are under 18 years old then you cannot apply or approved by the Adsense.

    To solve this problem, you can try to add or Sign up with parents or guardian by using their google account to AdSense approval. It depends on Google Adsense whether you will be approved or Not.

    2 Buy a Custom Domain for your blog/ website on Blogger

    Yes, this is also an important decision that whether you choose the domain with your registered blog/website address on Blogger or you choose a custom domain.

    This totally depends on you whether you
    choose a custom top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, .live, etc) or Not.

    3 Customization of themes or the templates you used on blogger
    How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

    Use of a proper theme or template that suits your nice perfectly and looks customized.

    For Adsense approval, it is very important that you choose the right theme or template for your blog/website.

    The theme or template must be properly
    customized. The theme/template must be
    mobile-friendly or responsive and updated too. Do not use very old versions of theme/ templates.

    After installing any such themes or the
    templates, the customizations of the blog’s header, footer and widgets, and some other settings are a must. Whether you want to make your blog/website a simple or attractive one.

    4 Proper navigation on your blog/ website on Blogger
    This is also very important from the view of AdSense approval and users reading prospective.

    Proper navigation means you set all the
    pages, categories, and menus that you have created are at suitable positions or places.

    With the proper navigation when any user
    comes on your blog/website, through any
    medium then this makes an excess of your
    blog/website very easy, or in a way that a user wants to find the search query on your blog/website.

    Therefore customize your blog/website
    navigation properly before applying for
    Adsense or to get the sign-up button on

    5 Compulsory Pages for blog/website on Blogger
    How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

    There are few compulsory pages that are
    essential on your blog/website to get a sign-up button or before applying for AdSense approval on Blogger.

    The most important page is the Privacy policy page. Without the Privacy policy page on your
    blog/website, the chances of Google Adsense approval are very very low.

    Therefore keep all these pages ready to get Adsense approval.

    Pages required before Adsense approval on blogger 2020-2021
    1. Privacy Policy
    2. About Us
    3. Contact us
    4. Disclaimer, etc.

    6 The quality of the content
    Remember Content is King

    According to me the quality of your content on your blog/website determines whether you are eligible for Google AdSense or other ads networks.

    Posting the original content with quality like the nice you choose and your performance on those niche ideas in the form of proper posts.

    In the former days of your blog/websites
    (before Adsense approval), you should focus on proper posting techniques, such as properly optimized content.

    With the help of properly optimized content, you get organic traffic from google and this will increase your chances of getting approved for Google Adsense.

    Note:- According to Google Adsense policy there is no need any such numbers of traffic volume on your blog/website for approval in Google Adsense.

    You can apply with a very low organic or any kind of other sources’ traffic, for google Adsense approval on Blog/website.
    But according to me if you write properly optimized content on your blog/website you will get definitely organic traffic from Google or other search engines too.

    7 Total posts for Adsense approval on blogger ?
    The total number of posts for AdSense
    approval is also a factor that can disturb your AdSense approval process.

    According to me, for Blogger you must publish at least 25 to 40 quality posts on your blog/ website before getting approved in Adsense.

    You should try to write a quality content post according to your blog/ website with a word count of 300 to 3000 words, at the beginning of your blog/website.

    Your posts also are well optimized too.

    8 Copyrighted content.
    How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

    Do not use any kind of copyrighted content before getting approved in Adsense. This is against Google’s and Adsense policy. This is the most important point before to know, How to Make Money from Blogging 2020-2021 and Blogger Adsensen Requirements ?

    Copyrighted content means that you coped
    others’ text, images, audio, videos, info, restricted content, etc.

    You should always try to write original
    content on your blog/website.

    9 Adsense alternative ads on Blogger
    Do not use other ads network before getting Google AdSense approval on Blogger.

    But, if you only make a blog/website for other than AdSense ads network then you can add any such ads network like amazon affiliate, etc if you are eligible for those networks.

    Therefore if you want both Adsense and other ads networks I will suggest you first get approval from Adsense, and then you can use other ads networks on the same blog/website.

    Every ad-network has its own policies and restriction so first, read and understand those and then apply on your blog/website on blogger according to those rules.

    10 Managed some settings with services
    How to make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Google Adsense Requirements ?

    Here I am talking about the submission of your blog/website in Google webmaster tool such as submit a sitemap and also linked your blog/website with Google analytics.

    Submit your site in google webmaster tool is an essential step after creating a blog/website, by this Google crawls your site and indexed in Google search ranking.

    By adding your blog/website in google
    analytics you can see all possible details about your traffic’s behavior, geographic locations, bounce rate, realtime traffic, etc.

    Conclusion: After doing all steps given above you can definitely be approved for Google AdSense on Blogger.

    But, this can take some time and as well as your hard work and patience too. But, if you want to succeed in the Blogging field or learn Blogging then you must do this and learn these tactics.

    Hope you understand Google Adsense requirements for blogger. Thank you for Reading…


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