Best Apps To Send Money From US To Nigeria

Best Apps To Send Money From US To Nigeria – Do you want to transfer money from the United States to Nigeria using your Android or iOS device? Here is a list of the best applications for sending money from the United States to Nigeria. Sending money from one bank to another is simple since you can send money from one bank to another using a bank USSD code or by downloading your bank’s mobile banking app. But suppose you live in the United States and want to send money to someone in Nigeria. You can just stroll into any USA banking hall and utilize Western Union, or you can look for alternatives such as gift cards or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and so on.

But there is an easier way, which involves using some Android and iOS applications to send money from the United States to Nigeria, and we will detail those apps in this article.

Best Apps For Sending Money From the United States to Nigeria

These applications provide the finest way to easily send money from the United States to Nigeria; they can be downloaded on your smartphone and are very simple to set up. In most situations, you do not need to visit a bank; these apps are digital banking apps that are extremely reliable and offer a very rapid way to send money from the United States to Nigeria.

With that said, here are the apps that will allow you to send money from the United States to Nigeria with ease.

1. WorldRemit

WorldRemit, one of the most popular money transfer apps that is presently functioning in over 120 countries globally, provides a means to save time on international transactions. The WorldRemit app makes it simple to send money from one country to another, and you’ll benefit from a low exchange rate. If you live in the United States and want to send money to someone in Nigeria, the WorldRemit app is one of the best options. WorldRemit is approved by the FCA and licensed by government regulators all around the world; it’s simple to use and offers a quick transfer rate; you may use it for airtime top-ups; and every bank deposit you make will be paid within 10 minutes. You may always use WorldRemit on your Android to make local and international transfers. When someone sends money using WorldRemit, the funds are converted and the precise denomination is deposited to the recipient’s account. Trusting WorldRemit as your favorite app for sending money from the United States to Nigeria will not be a terrible decision.

2. Pangea Money

Pangea Money Transfer provides a safe option to send money from the US to other African nations and other continents. With Pangea, you may pick up cash and pay for overseas bills; it has a very quick transfer rate, and opening an account is very simple. When signing up for Pangea, new users can get $10 off their first transfer by using the coupon code PAS10! Pangea is incredibly user-friendly and convenient, especially when sending money to recipients outside the United States. They have a great exchange rate and don’t charge either the sender or the recipient for any money that is sent or received. It’s a useful app for sending money internationally from the US to other nations.

3. Xoom Money

One of the top PayPal alternatives, Xoom Money Transfer provides the best methods for sending money overseas. Let’s imagine you live in the United States and want to send money to a friend or cousin in Nigeria. To send money to any bank worldwide, all you need is the Xoom Money Transfer app. Fast money sending and receiving is available through Xoom Money Transfer. Xoom Money Transfer guarantees 24/7 transaction safety, even if you’re sending money to an unknown recipient. The fact that Xoom Money Transfer functions in practically every nation is one of the main factors contributing to its popularity. With Xoom Money Transfer, transactions happen quite quickly and there are several options to send money. You can transfer money to Nigeria using Xoom Money Transfer by making bank deposits, picking up cash, and mobile wallet transactions. Before they can receive money in Nigeria, your recipient does not need to have the Xoom Money Transfer app.

4. MoneyGram

One of the most widely used options for transmitting money both domestically and abroad is MoneyGram. The ability to transmit from anywhere to more than 250 countries worldwide is one of the major benefits of using MoneyGram. The MoneyGram app allows you to send money via wire transfers, direct bank accounts, and cash pick-up. It provides a dependable method for sending money to anyone in Nigeria from the USA. MoneyGram is quick and dependable, and it may be used for a variety of things. Whether you want to send money from the USA to Nigeria or somewhere else. You can do it with the MoneyGram app quickly. MoneyGram only requires that you follow three simple actions in order to send money. The initial step is to download the app, after which you create an account, pick the recipients, and select your payment method. MoneyGram offers a reasonable rate, in contrast to other payment apps that charge exorbitant transfer fees. One of the apps that can be used at any time to send money from the USA to Nigeria is MoneyGram.

5. Sendwave

Another software that enables money transfers both domestically and internationally is Sendwave. Many people utilize and trust this software, which is widely used by many people. Sendwave is very simple to use and doesn’t require any verification. It’s not always simple to transfer money from nations like the US, UK, or Canada to nations like Nigeria. However, Sendwave allows you to send money instantly and anywhere. You can send money from your Sendwave account to another Sendwave user, as well as via cash pickup and direct bank deposit. Sendwave is dependable and safe. Sendwave’s ability to convert payments into popular African currencies is another factor in its popularity. Send Wave is quick, dependable, and incredibly simple to use. if you wish to accept cash from a person in the USA as a gift or for business purposes. If you wish to send something from the USA to Nigeria, you can suggest Sendwave to them. On your iOS or Android device, download Sendwave, and you’re ready to go.

6. Remitly

With the help of the well-known fintech app Remitly, which is available in more than 100 countries across the world, you may send and receive money with ease from the comfort of your home. The Remitly app simplifies life and has less expensive prices than going through the hassle of visiting banks and paying more fees for sending money abroad. Remitly is one of the few apps that will allow you to send money quickly if you’re thinking about rapid transaction speeds. You can send money to more than 3000 different banks worldwide using the Remitly app. You can link your regular bank account with Remitly and send money using your debit or credit cards. You don’t necessarily need to be a fellow Remitly user to send money to other banks; the Remitly app works well for sending money from the USA to Nigeria. Because using Remitly is so convenient, the majority of people who travel frequently do so. You can follow your transactions, and it is quite secure.

7. Wise

If you’re a US resident who wants to send money to friends and family in Nigeria, the Wise app is one of your finest options. Wise is another fantastic software that will make sending and receiving money simple anywhere in the world. This program provides faster and less expensive currency conversions between 80 different countries, supports over 50 different currencies, and provides a virtual card you can use for online purchases. The Wise app is excellent for sending money to anyone from any nation, including the US, UK, and others, and it also offers minimal transfer fees. The Wise app is one of the finest for sending money from the US to Nigeria since it allows you to have a real foreign bank account and makes sending money from the US very simple. When transmitting money across borders, wise creates the impression of a tiny transaction. The app is easy to use, and when you register for the first time, you’ll receive brief instructions.

8. Western Union

Western Union is one of the most well-known and widely used money transfer services in the world. You may use this app to send money anywhere in the globe, and its conversion rate is fairly good. You may send money from the USA to Nigeria with Western Union, and it offers round-the-clock services. Western Union offers quick money transfers and is quite safe and secure. The Western Union app is well recognized for stuff like that and it has great features, making it one of the finest money transfer applications to send money from the USA to Nigeria if you’re in the USA and want to send money to friends or relatives in Nigeria or other countries.

9. Tapsend

While some require days for recipients to have their payment reflected. Payments are completed quickly with Taptap Send, in about 5 minutes. That is one of the quickest methods you will ever find to send money from the USA to Nigeria. Fast remittance is provided by Taptap Send, and what sets the service apart is the absence of transfer fees. Without incurring any fees, you can send money to anyone in a foreign country. as MoneyGram, Wise, Western Union, and similar services. Additionally, Taptap Send provides several methods for sending money. Taptap Send can be used for mobile money, direct transfers, and cash deposits. If you’re trying to find an app that allows you to send money from the USA to Nigeria. A nice alternative is Taptap Send. When using Taptap Send, you shouldn’t be concerned about exchange rates because you’ll get favorable prices. When sending money, there are no additional fees that become connected. TaptapSend sends real-time alerts and is quick and easy to use. There is a feature that allows you to follow the movement of the money you sent when using Taptap Send.

10. Eversend

Another app that enables both domestic and international money transfers is Eversend. if you wish to move money seamlessly across borders. One of the best apps available is Eversend. You’ll adore this program since it has a ton of features, which is only one of them. Payments can be made using virtual USD cards from Eversend. You can avoid Nigeria’s restrictions on foreign spending by using an Eversend virtual card. However, if you’re outside of Nigeria, the app is ideal for sending money to Nigeria and other African nations from nations like the USA. You may obtain the best exchange rate for USD, EUR, ZAR, GBP, NGN, UGX, GHS, KES, and RWF while using Eversend.

Eversend offers a variety of options, including the ability to pay invoices online. Additionally, the software has a multi-currency wallet. You’ll be able to have multiple currencies in your account this way. Money transfers to bank accounts and mobile wallets are possible with Eversend. One of the greatest currency exchange rates available online is provided by Eversend. One of the greatest apps for sending money from the USA to Nigeria is Eversend. If you want to earn money from the USA as a Nigerian, suggest this app to everyone there.

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