Bayelsa Medical University School Fees For Nursing (2023/2024)

Are you considering pursuing a nursing degree at Bayelsa Medical University (BMU) in Nigeria for the upcoming academic session in 2023/2024? We understand that one of the key factors you need to consider is the school fees. In this blog post, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of BMU’s nursing school fees, along with additional charges and payment details to help you plan your academic journey effectively.

BMU School Fees for Nursing (2023/2024)

BMU offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of medicine and health sciences. If you are a prospective nursing student, here are the school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session:

Category School Fees
Indigenes N306,000
Non-Indigenes N608,000

Additional Fees

In addition to the tuition fees, BMU nursing students are required to pay several other charges. These additional fees are as follows:

  1. Acceptance fee: N50,000
  2. Accommodation fee: N100,000 (optional)
  3. Student union fee: N10,000
  4. Medical fee: N10,000
  5. Sports fee: N5,000

Payment Schedule

The school fees at BMU for nursing programs are divided into two installments:

  1. The first installment is due at the beginning of the semester.
  2. The second installment is payable at the beginning of the second semester.

This payment schedule allows you to manage your finances effectively during your academic year.

Payment Methods

BMU provides multiple payment options to ease the process of settling your fees. You can make payments through the following methods:

  1. Cash: Pay your fees in cash at the university’s designated payment counters.
  2. Bank draft: Obtain a bank draft and submit it as payment.
  3. Online transfer: Use the online transfer option for added convenience.

By offering a variety of payment methods, BMU ensures that you can choose the one that suits you best.

In conclusion

when considering a nursing education at Bayelsa Medical University, it’s essential to factor in not only the tuition fees but also the additional charges for a complete financial picture. The availability of different payment methods and a two-installment payment schedule can make it easier for you to pursue your nursing studies at BMU.

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