AAU Admission Cut Off Mark – General and Departmental

AAU Admission Cut Off Mark General and Departmental

AAU Admission Cut Off Mark General and Departmental – The admission process in the Ambrose Alli University (AAU), involves several criteria and requirements, one of which is the cut-off mark. The AAU cut off mark serves as a benchmark to determine the minimum score required for candidates to be considered for admission into various courses offered by the university.

The AAU admission cut-off mark is the minimum score or aggregate point that an applicant must attain in their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or Direct Entry (DE) examination to be eligible for admission into the university.

The cut-off mark varies across courses and is determined by the institution based on several factors, including the
number of available slots, the competitiveness of the course, and the performance of candidates in the entrance examination.

Factors Influencing AAU Admission Cut-Off Marks

1. Course Competitiveness

Certain courses, such as Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, and Engineering, are generally more competitive, and therefore, tend to have higher cut-off marks. This is because the number of applicants usually exceeds the available slots, making it necessary to set a higher cut-off mark to select the most qualified candidates.

2. Number of Available Slots

The number of available slots for a particular course can significantly influence the cut-off mark. If a course has limited seats, the competition will be higher, leading to a higher cut-off mark. Conversely, courses with more available slots may have a lower cut-off mark.

3. Performance of Candidates

The overall performance of candidates in the UTME or DE examination can also impact the cut-off mark. If the majority of applicants perform exceptionally well, the cut-off mark might be set higher to select the best candidates from the pool.

Determining the AAU Admission Cut-Off Mark

The process of determining the AAU admission cut-off mark involves a meticulous analysis of various factors,
including historical data, performance trends, and institutional policies. The university’s admission board, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, assesses the number of applicants, the capacity of each department, the performance of candidates, and the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

The AAU admission board conducts a comprehensive review of the aforementioned factors and sets the cut-off mark for each course. It is essential to note that the cut-off mark can vary from year to year based on these factors and the specific circumstances surrounding admissions.

Important Considerations for Aspiring Students

  • Research Course Requirements : As an aspiring student, it is crucial to research the admission requirements and cut-off marks for your desired course at AAU. This will give you an idea of the level of competitiveness and help you set realistic goals during your preparation.
  • Aim for Excellence : While the cut-off mark represents the minimum requirement, it is advisable to strive for a higher score in your UTME or DE examination. This will increase your chances of securing admission and potentially qualify you for scholarships and other academic opportunities.
  • Consider Alternative Courses : If the cut-off mark for your preferred course seems too high, consider exploring alternative courses within the university that align with your interests. Being flexible in your choices can significantly improve your chances of admission.

Current AAU General Cut Off Mark

The Ambrose Alli University’s general cut off mark is 180 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). You may also like to check JAMB Cut Off Mark.

AAU Departmental Cut off Marks by Faculties

As released by the management of the institution, below are the departmental cut-off marks for admission into the Ambrose Alli University:

Agricultural Sciences

Animal Science – 40

Agric. Economics – 40

Crop Science – 40

Soil Science – 40

Faculty of Arts

English Studies – 50

History – 50

Modern Languages – 40

Philosophy – 40

Theatre and Media Art – 60

Religious Studies – 40

Mass Communication – 50

College of Medicine

Anatomy – 45

Medical Laboratory – 60

Physiology – 45

Nursing – 65

Faculty of Education

Agric science Edu – 40

Curriculum & Instruction – 40

Education management – 40

Business Education – 45

Home Economics – 40

Guidance & Counselling – 40

Library and Information – 40

Physical Health Education – 40

Technical Education – 40

Vocational Technology – 40

Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering – 50

Electrical Electronics – 50

Mechanical Engineering – 50

Industrial and Production – 45

Agric and Bio Technology – 45

Environmental studies

Architecture – 40

Building – 40

Fine and Applied Art – 40

Geography – 40

LAW – 65

Faculty Life Sciences

Botany – 40

Micro Biology – 50

Biochemistry – 50

Nutrition – 40

Zoology – 40

Management Sciences

Accounting – 50

Banking and Finance – 45

Business Administration – 45

Public Administration – 45

Physical Sciences

Computer Science – 50

Physics – 40

Geo Physics – 40

Mathematics – 40

Chemistry – 40

Statistics – 40

Industrial Chemistry – 40

Social Sciences

Economics – 50

Political Science – 50

Psychology – 40

Sociology – 40

Candidates seeking admission into these departments must score the respective scores or above to be eligible to jostle for it. Admission seekers who have met the requirements above and made the institution their first choice institution during UTME registration are expected to pay the Institution’s screening exercise online application forms fee using their ATM Debit cards on Interswitch.

AAU Post UTME Form Price

The AAU Post UTME forms are sold for Two Thousand Naira only (N2,000).

How to apply for AAU Post UTME

As highlighted by the school authority, these are procedures to apply online for post UTME;

  • Candidates should apply online via using ATM debit cards on
  • Upload your coloured passport photographs and other.relevant documents such as WAEC, NECO and NABTEB results.
  • Print your application acknowledgment slip.

Direct Entry Candidates seeking admission into the AAU are required as a matter of necessity to have chosen the Institution as first choice institution during UTME registration. They must also upload relevant certificate documents during the online application process. It is also noteworthy that all names should be written in full while filling in the online registration forms as no initials would be allowed.

Prospective candidates are also charged to always avail themselves the opportunity of assessing the university
website: and on regular basis for more detailed information.


The AAU admission cut-off mark is an important criterion used by the university to determine the eligibility of candidates for admission. It is influenced by various factors, including course competitiveness, available slots, and candidates’ performance. Aspiring students should strive to meet or exceed the cut-off mark for their desired course.

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