90 Day Fiance: Usman Sojaboy Reveals Who Paid For His 'Zara' Music Video

90 Day Fiances Usman Sojaboy Reveals Who Paid For His ‘Zara’ Music Video

Before the 90 Days star Usman Umar, Sojaboy, slammed critics who think Kim Menzies is his sugar momma who paid for his music video for “Zara.” The Nigerian singer returned to 90 Day Fiancé after having a failed married life with ex-wife Lisa Hamme, also known as Baby Girl Lisa, in Before the 90 Days season 4.

This time around, Usman was wooed by another 50-year-old American woman, Kim, who yearned to be his girlfriend. Of course, Usman was hesitant to get into another disastrous relationship and refused to even get intimate with Kim before making things official. But as of episode 11, Usman and Kim are boyfriend and girlfriend, even though his past with “Zara” continues to haunt him.

Fans thought Usman was trying hard to get with Kim as she almost took what they considered a predatory route to get him to sleep with her. Usman claimed his intention behind inviting Kim to Tanzania was to see how she reacted to him being surrounded by beautiful young women all the time on set. He also wanted to take things slow with Kim and didn’t want intimacy without an engagement.

Kim, on the other hand, begged for intimacy and sex, knowing that she had limited time before Usman went back to Nigeria and she returned to the United States. Kim tried to woo Usman with an expensive MacBook Pro and a PlayStation 5, which he willingly accepted.

Usman was mocked for luring Kim into buying costly presents for him, while she was accused of being thirsty for a man who’s almost her son’s age.

However, things between Usman and Kim are going great now, no matter what their critics have to say. They recently did an Instagram Live (as shared by @90shotzfired ) together in which Kim defended Usman by stating he is “not using ” her. A fan in the Instagram Live comments said that Kim paid for Usman’s music video, which she thought was funny.

Usman was offended and reminded those
watching that he’s someone who has built a house from scratch in just two months. “ PS5 is not even up to $1,000, for god’s sake, ” he added.

Usman mentioned, “ Just imagine me flying to Tanzania. Flying…my assistant Slam T, paying for the hotel, you know what I mean. And again, you know, like paying for the director of my music video .”

Usman wanted to know “ why on Earth” anyone would think that he doesn’t have money to buy himself gadgets or film his own music video.


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