8 Sure Places to Sell Your Old Phone In Nigeria

8 Sure Places to Sell Your Old Phone In Nigeria – Are you seeking for a place in Nigeria to sell your slightly used or old smartphones? There are numerous techniques and venues in Nigeria designed exclusively for people who want to sell their used smartphones. Here is a list of reputable websites, platforms, or locations in Nigeria where you may sell your used phones.

You may sell your smartphones or other unused equipment from wherever you are in Nigeria without leaving your home. It is appropriate for everyone in Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, and other states. Phones are a craze that will inevitably fade away after a year or two; all we can think about is how to get new trendy phones with all the latest great features and characteristics. But we’re in a bind since we don’t have enough money to buy these phones.

To get a new phone to replace these old ones, simply sell your old one to someone who needs it and then add a little money to buy a better or upgraded version of your phone. However, in today’s article, you’ll learn where you may sell your old phones in Nigeria.

List of Sure Places to Sell Your Old Phone in Nigeria

You can sell your old phones in Nigeria by visiting the outlets that buy second-hand phones from individuals, which you can find below as we’ll list them for you.

1. Efritin

Efritin is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing e-marketplaces and a fantastic location to sell your old phones whenever you want. This website will allow you to write an advertisement for anything you wish to sell, and it will be quite quick because potential buyers will notice your advertisements and contact you right away. You can always visit the Efritin website on your smartphone or PC to sell your old phones; it’s a very nice source you can trust to sell your old phones and any other important electronics you want to sell.

2. Carlcare

Carlcare is one of the greatest options if you want to sell or trade in your old Infinix, Tecno, or iTel phone for a fresh new one. is a well-known repair service center for brands such as Infinix, Tecno, and itel. They repair any of these manufacturers and are a dependable source for selling and repairing your old phones. Carlcare offers a service called “Swap Phone,” which allows Infinix, Tecno, and itel users to trade in their old phones for a brand new one by just adding some tokens to it. You may find out more about Carlcare Service Centres and make reservations.

3. is one of Nigeria’s largest gadget stores, with offices in Lagos and virtually everywhere else in the country. is a good location to buy now and pay later without worry. They also have a service called Trade-in/Buy-back, which allows you to sell your old phones in good condition and obtain a new one with a tiny token added to the sum you earned from selling your old phone. To sell your used phone, go to any nearest Slot office with your phone and the receipt, which will be required for security purposes. Selling your used phone to is completely safe and a dependable option to receive a new handset.

4. Computer Village

Because of its prominence and non-stop gadget sales that happen every day, Computer Village should not be a new area to you as a Lagosian. If you’re unfamiliar with Computer Village, it’s also a fantastic way to sell your old phones in Nigeria, and it’s fairly dependable. Phone shops may be found in Computer Village, where you can sell your old phones for cash as long as your receipt is still intact. You can sell your old phones to businesses like 3Chub in Computer Village, and there are others like them. Computer Village is one of the most dependable sites in Nigeria to sell your old phones, and you may go there at any time. However, fraudulent operations occur on a daily basis, therefore you must be extremely cautious and watchful when visiting Computer Village to avoid falling into the clutches of scammers disguised as phone vendors. If you want to carry out a complex transaction, such as selling your old or used phones, I recommend going to Computer Village with someone who understands their way around the market.

5. Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Deals is a bargain center owned by Jumia, one of Nigeria’s best shopping websites. On Jumia Deals, a site similar to Jiji, you can sell your old phones by simply posting them on adverts and waiting for an interested buyer to contact you about how to purchase your phone. Jumia Deals is presently available in six Nigerian states. If you live in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Ibadan, or Port Harcourt, you can use Jumia Deals. Jumia Deals is one of the greatest locations in Nigeria to sell your old phones, but always make sure you meet a buyer or seller in an open area to avoid individuals that indulge in fraudulent activities.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a prominent trend in Nigeria these days; it is referred to as a marketplace since it allows you to sell anything online, whether new, old, or used. In reality, car dealers have used this platform to sell their vehicles online. If you want to sell new or old mobile phones in Nigeria, simply log in to your Facebook app and go to the marketplace to offer your device for sale. Facebook Marketplace is completely free to use, and it is also quite simple to find potential buyers for your smartphone. All you have to do is submit a clear image of your phone, choose the appropriate categories for that product, and write a selling price and description to let potential buyers learn more about the item. After that, simply wait for messages from potential clients via the Facebook Messenger program.

7. Nairaland

Nairaland, arguably Africa’s largest online forum, makes it simple to accomplish tasks, one of which is selling products to potential customers. On Nairaland, you may sell nearly any thing by simply creating a post for it, and others who are interested will engage in comments and responses. is a very active forum and a very busy marketplace for selling your old phones, however you must be cautious while selling your phone or any meaningful equipment. Selling on Nairaland is simple; simply establish an account or, if you already have one, advertise your old phone in the Nairaland Phones section and customers will come.

8. JiJi

When it comes to selling old devices and products in Nigeria, is one of the few websites you should check for, and it’s arguably the greatest location to sell off your old stuff like phones, laptops, and any other crucial equipment. On Jiji, you may sell your old phones anywhere in Nigeria, and potential purchasers will come in quickly. To sell your used old phones on Jiji, simply go to their official website and sign up for an account, snap a clear image of the phone, and write down its characteristics and condition.

Then put a price on it and include your phone number. Once authorized, you’ll receive messages from people who want to buy it. Jiji is one of the few websites that offers the Pay-On-Delivery payment option, which means that the buyer will validate the phone you’ve listed for sale before completing payment.

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