10 Top Paying Construction Jobs In Nigeria (See Their Salaries)

10 Top Paying Construction Jobs In Nigeria See Their Salaries

10 Top Paying Construction Jobs In Nigeria See Their Salaries – When the issue of “Construction” comes up, many professions come to mind; some times it’s architects and engineers, and other times it’s project managers, carpenters, masons, and laborers. The truth of this sector is that all jobs are critical to finishing a project. To complete each job, construction workers must combine physical labor, skills, teamwork, safety, and the establishment of infrastructure. While the labor in the construction business is diverse, it is believed that certain of them pay well, and to some extent, this information is correct. What exactly are these roles? Continue reading.

10 Top Paying Construction Jobs And Salary In Nigeria

Below is the list of best paying construction jobs and their salary scale in Nigeria:

1. Architects

Architects are professionals that specialize in the design and planning of buildings and structures. They draw the first design of a structure while keeping the client’s needs, budget, and site condition in mind. They make certain that the sketch meets both the practical and aesthetic aims of the project.

  • Salary: NGN250,000 – NGN 700,000/month.

2. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are specialists who develop and maintain various infrastructures such as roads, bridges, water supply streams, and buildings. They assess the structural integrity of buildings and structures based on a variety of characteristics such as capacity and durability.

  • Salary: NGN200,000 – NGN 550,000/month


3. Construction/Project Manager

Construction and project managers ensure that resources are managed properly, budgets are adhered to, and that all projects are completed on time and to the needed quality standards. They meet with the complete team to provide clear guidance, assign duties, and establish proper communication, which may include engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians, and workers.

  • Salary: NGN 270,000 – NGN 900,000/month


4. Construction Inspector

On different days, a construction inspector visits the project site to confirm that proper and adequate work is being done. They make certain that the projects follow all necessary codes, regulations, and standards. The inspection is performed at various stages of the project to examine the quality of work and to ensure that safety precautions are taken and workers are protected from hazards.

  • Salary: NGN 100,000 – NGN 250,000/month


5. Land Surveyor

property surveyors utilize specialized equipment to measure and record the data about the property or site before any work is done on it. All of this is necessary to establish documents that can be utilized for legal purposes, such as property transfers, land registration, and resolving boundary disputes.

  • Salary: NGN 90,000 – NGN 300,000/month


6. Plumber

A plumber is a skilled worker who installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing systems. They ensure that the buildings’ water supply, drainage, and sewage systems are operational. They also perform routine maintenance following repairs to verify that all systems are functioning properly and that there will be no future issues.

  • Salary: NGN 115,000 – NG N200,000/ month

7. Mason

A Mason is someone who knows how to choose the right sort of brick, stone, concrete blocks, and tiles for a structure and how to repair them. They build walls, foundations, chimneys, and other constructions. Their responsibilities also include mixing mortar and other adhesives in precise proportions to enable proper masonry unit bonding.

  • Salary: NGN 80,000 – NGN 150,000/month


8. Electrician

Electricians install electrical connections in new construction. They must read and interpret electrical designs as well as follow wiring diagrams to establish the layout and placement of various electrical components. They run electrical cables and wires through walls, floors, and ceilings to ensure that any electrical items acquired for the building may be used properly.

  • Salary: NGN 90,000 – NGN 250,000/month


9. Carpenter

Carpenters are in charge of all wood work and metal frame construction. They measure, cut, and assemble the frames to form the building’s underlying framework. They also work on interior and exterior finishing such as aesthetic and functional aspects such as doors, windows, trim, moldings, baseboards, cabinetry, and other finishing.

  • Salary: NGN120,000 -NGN 330,000/month


10. Glaziers

Glaziers are people who put glass in windows, doors, skylights, curtains, and partitions. Their competence includes estimating the dimensions of the apertures and carefully cutting the glass to fit. They provide appropriate
alignment, weatherproofing, and insulation to ensure the installation’s endurance. They also repair damaged or
broken glass in any structure by replacing it if possible.

  • Salary: NGN 180,000 – NGN 300,000/month

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