10 Best Paid Hospitality Jobs In Nigeria

10 Best Paid Hospitality Jobs In Nigeria

10 Best Paid Hospitality Jobs In Nigeria – Every day, hospitality workers use their customer service abilities to interact with a wide range of customers. If you wish to work in the Nigerian hospitality industry, there are numerous organizations where you can do so. Knowing the many types of hospitality jobs in Nigeria will help you make a sensible career choice for your future.

List Of The Best Paid Hospitality Jobs In Nigeria

In Nigeria’s hotel business, entry-level to executive management positions are all accessible. Here are ten possible hospitality careers in Nigeria.

1. Sommeliers

Sommeliers are wine specialists who work in the hospitality business. They usually work at upmarket restaurants, making recommendations to guests based on their preferences and budget limits. Sommeliers also oversee deliveries, build wine lists, hire wait staff, conduct wine tastings, advise restaurant owners on new wine selections, and communicate with wine distributors.

2. Event Manager

Event managers usually work for large hotels or food businesses when planning and managing events such as corporate meetings, seminars, or weddings. Event
planners engage with their clients to assess their needs and keep within their budget. They also talk with guests, provide suggestions for decor and cuisine items, and supervise the lighting, floral deliveries, and event decor.

3. Concierge

Hotels utilize concierges to assist tourists with a variety of requests, such as providing tickets to neighboring attractions, theaters, and events, providing directions, and making bookings. They use their expertise of the area surrounding the hotel to assist guests. A concierge can deliver packages and recommend local companies to guests.

4. Travel Agent

Vacations are organized by travel agents for individuals, groups, and businesses. They give vacation recommendations based on client interests and budgets, and they plan flights, cruises, rentals, and hotels. They also offer ad hoc services such as aircraft reservations and comprehensive vacation itineraries. They also stay up to date on news, travel warnings, and documentation needs for numerous countries across the world.

5. Executive Chef

Executive chefs may work in a variety of kitchens, such as those in a restaurant, hotel, or cruise ship. They create unique menus and may develop a signature dish for their restaurant. Executive chefs manage inventories, supervise and train kitchen staff, monitor food preparation, and evaluate the overall quality of various dishes.

6. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner oversees all aspects of a couple’s particular wedding day experience. They provide couples counseling and information, as well as wedding preparation and resources such as access to entertainers, caterers, and wedding venues. Some wedding planners also work as day-of co-ordinators, over seeing all aspects of the wedding day. Wedding planners may engage with vendors, plan the wedding day, and manage setups in addition to assessing client budgets and suggesting viable solutions.

7. Front Desk Officer

A front desk officer assists guests throughout their stay at a hotel, motel, or resort. They greet tourists, assist with check-in and check-out, answer visitor enquiries, handle complaints, provide information about surrounding activities, and make reservations.

8. Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager ensures that a restaurant is profitable while also operating efficiently. They manage a
kitchen and its staff, maintain compliance with health and safety requirements, and establish a welcoming
environment for all visitors. They also manage the restaurant’s finances, hire and train the culinary staff, maintain the location clean, and respond to customer complaints.

9. Tour Guide

Tour guides provide information about a certain location to visitors. They greet visitors, plan and lead tours, give lectures, and answer questions about area restaurants and activities. A tour guide also ensures the safety of guests and makes recommendations for sightseeing.

10. Sales And Marketing Manager

They develop pricing strategies, create sales plans, and assist their organization’s sales and marketing objectives. Among other things, they meet with prospective customers, hold marketing events, and prepare paperwork for new consumers.

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